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Cozy Joes – The Concept, The Sock, The Man.

The Concept

Cozy Joes™ welcomes you to its debut - a line of socks designed specifically for men to wear to relax in – lounge socks you might say, but even that category label too narrowly defines the full utility and appeal of these unique socks.

Born from the incredible success of the soft Tactel type poly yarn and style of these socks in womenswear (Slumber, PJ. Stay at Home socks, etc., etc., etc.) over the last several years where millions upon millions of pairs have been sold from $6 to $12 each, it was high time this incredible sock and yarn were interpreted for men – after all, why wouldn’t a man also want a warm comfortable and comfy sock to wear and relax in?

One very smart, responsive market savvy company knew that this sock and its soft, warm and comfortable attributes could and should be offered to a market that had not yet experienced it – the mens' market.

But how to sell this sock to men? Men were not exactly going to think a “Slumber”, “PJ” or “Slipper” sock matched their testosterone!

Well, the market savvy company also knew that in order to make this line a momentous success they would have to do three things right:

The Sock

Hence the concept of Cozy Joes™ was born – a brand name that will be synonymous with socks for men to relax in and designed with a strong masculine image and appeal – no sissy socks here!

Seven styles comprise the initial Cozy Joes line and each has its own look, but all are definitely masculine in their appeal. From the Snazzy Logo rib, to the Wide rib Classic, Heather stripe, Colorblock and Manly Gripper Sole styles, Cozy Joes Fall 2007 lineup simply works.

The appeal starts with the young men’s market and zooms all the way to the geriatric crowd with comfy, soft and warm socks meeting the solid approval of all these market segments. Wear tests have shown that men react positively to Cozy Joes’ “socks to relax in” without any reservation, even though they have never worn this yarn before. As their female counterparts, they love them.

Some wear them inside while relaxing after work or on weekends, others wear them at the game or while walking the dog at night, to keep their feet much warmer than ever before. They even report liking the “cushy” feel Cozy Joes socks have.

A special Cozy Joes Hunter’s style will debut shortly with a longer boot length leg to “Wear in the Great Outdoors.”, while a big and tall line will provide the same warmth and comfort to the size 13-16 B&T market as it does to the men’s 10-13 sock range.

The Man

As for Cozy Joes – we can’t say enough about our spokesman! He’s cool, he’s suave, he’s debonair, he’s retro and, he’s cardboard!

He’s a good looking guy with an eye for the ladies, and he knows how to accessorize! As a spokesman and logo, Cozy Joes could not be more perfect. His cool image, always attired in his 1930’s suit and tie, is the perfect gentleman who knows how to dress. He knows what’s snazzy and he projects the right image to your customers.

Never before has a brand of socks or men’s furnishings portrayed its products through use of a retro character like Cozy Joes. He’s this side of “23 Skidoo” and just that side of “Kilroy was Here”. He will surprise you in his ability to get your customers to take a hard long look at this new line – and buy it! Just wait until he meets the press this Fall! Your sock department never has had this much attention drawn to it, by both consumer and fashion press and the buying public – your customers!

In addition, Cozy Joes will have his own web site where he will interact with the public in a positive way. We can’t let the cat out of the bag, but will help you move more CJ branded product than you can imagine.

As the brand evolves for this Fall, retro (printed) aged tee shirts will debut, along with a roster of baseball caps, a swath of sweatshirts, a line of lounge pants and more.

So, “Get ‘em while you can.”, and let Cozy Joes make your sock department the Cat’s Meow. As CJ says, “Ah, tell it to Sweeny!